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Patagonia Wetsuits, What’s the story?

When we build a product we want to build the best. When it came to wetsuits, we wanted something warmer, more flexible, better fitting and tough enough to withstand extended use. We started with a combination of limestone neoprene, polyester and nylon, like all the other brands, but then pushed further, unsatisfied with just tweaking the status quo. Looking to what divers, sailors and fishermen had been using all these years to stay warm, in and on the ocean, we tried wool. Wanting the finest, we chose merino.

It’s the merino lining that gives our wetsuits their added warmth without added rubber. But our patented merino wool grid (U.S. Patent Nos. 7395553, 7992218 and 7743428) is just one part of the successful equation. The neoprene we use has a high-density nitrogen cell structure for maximum warmth and durability, the post-consumer recycled polyester jersey increases durability, and the quality craftsmanship and attention to little details ensures a great-performing, well-made wetsuit.

We make them in four weights for all water temperatures – R1® (warm), R2® (cool), R3® (cold), and R4® (frigid) – and in several cuts for men and women. Patagonia wetsuits are decidedly warmer than standard nylon-lined suits, but that’s not all. They also wear longer, dry faster and we use post-consumer recycled polyester, merino wool softened without chlorine, and no PVC, which is made with phthalate.

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