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A lonely man finds friendship within the last location he expected in this gentle comedy from writer/director Ed Simpson. A serious man without close friends to speak of, Joel Bixby (John Cariani) moves to a tiny town and strikes up a friendship with vociferous senior Leo Applegate (Edward Asner). Once Leo invites Joel to join a tiny group of men who regularly gather in a modest room to exchange stories, Joel sees it as a great opportunity to occur out of his shell. But the far more time that Joel spends in the group, the clearer it becomes that he was chosen to fill the space left by a dearly departed member who is deeply missed by his old friends. Regardless, the anxious newcomer gradually gets more comfortable with his new circle of friends, which includes not only fast-food loving Leo but the comfortably feminine Dink (Jack Kehler), spiritually conflicted former cleric Perry Elephant Sighs 2012(David Wells), and mercurial Nick (Mark Fite), an out-of-work local whos convinced his most effective days are behind him. More than the course of their regular meetings one thing amazing happens to reclusive Joel he finally realizes that even lifes biggest problems dont appear really so adverse as soon as youve got buddies to fall back on inside your time of need.

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